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About Bandung , Indonesia

West Java, the one province in Indonesia that rich of the tourism objects that will interest you if you go there. There is one city that really famous in its fashion, that is Bandung. In this region, there is a place that is known as Lembang, the place with the fresh air and comfort place to stay. Lembang has many views in panorama that you must see if you have a chance to go there. Its fresh air and views become the things that interest many tourists to visit there. If you want to fresh your eyes, you can see many tea plantation every side of the road. To go there, you can ride your own car and follow the directions that will guide you.
If you want to go there, this article will guide you to see Lembang Bandung and its tourism objects. There are some places that you can visit, such of them are:

1. Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu is a mountain name that is famous is West Java. You can reach this place after Lembang or around 30 kilometers from Bandung. Here, you will be presented some of great views, like cauldron, mist, and the other views that can be enjoyed. If you want visit there, make sure you come during 7.00 am until 5.00 pm, because after that, this place is close. And you just pay around 13 thousand rupiahs as a ticket. Prepare yourself to bring the mask, because the sulfur smells is really strong. Don’t forget to bring jacket because the cold will enter into your bone. Just sit around there, your bad feelings will be gone, you can also complete your holiday with buy some souvenirs made from there.

2. De’ Ranch
This is the tourism object that always crowded by tourist, domestic even foreigner. You will see all of the ages enjoy spending their time here, from kids up to adults. Here, you will not be bored because you try to ride the horse like a cowboy in America. You can also try to do some outbound activities, for example flying fox, ATV, swimming, fun boat and so on. But, the favorite one activity here is act like a cowboy; you will be facilitated with cowboy clothes. When you ride your horse, you will pass the wide grass-field that is really interesting. After that, you can enjoy yourself with its various culinary, like siomay, karedok, mendoan, and so on.

3. Bosscha Observatory
For the travelers that love with the space things, this place can be a primary place to be visited. Bosscha observatory is a place where you can see all of the space things like stars, planets, and the others. Bosscha is the oldest place to stars observation in Indonesia. This place opens at 2 sections, for the first section, it opens at 9 am until 1 pm and the second one opens at 5 pm until 8 pm. You just need to pay the ticket around 7.500 rupiahs and 10.000 rupiahs for the second section visit. When you are inside, you will feel like you are an expert in astronomy. There are many big telescopes; one of them is the Zeiss telescope that will help you to see some of planets.

And not only that, West Java has been really famous for its natural beauty. In local language this area is called Parahyangan or the land of gods and no wonder since this region is blessed with beautiful landscapes. It is said that God was smiling when he created this land. The biggest city in this area is Bandung which also the administration and cultural center of the region. This city is known as Paris Van Java for a reason. The Dutch colonial era had huge roles created this city as extraordinary one. Surrounded with beautiful natural sceneries, this city is rich of amazing building with art deco styles built in colonial era. Since that time up until now, Bandung is widely recognized as one of the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia. If you are planning to visit this city, these are 8 must see places in greater Bandung area.

1. Ciwidey White Crater
It is undeniably the most popular natural spot in greater Bandung area. This natural wonder is located only 25 KM outside Bandung. The crater is a volcanic crater of ancient volcano. It has amazing white landscape. It won’t be difficult to reach the crater location. You can use public transport right from downtown or use your own vehicle, either car or motorcycle. Ciwidey White Crater is a perfect choice for those who love tracking because the route to the crater is quite challenging.

2. Curug Dago
Curug means waterfall in local Sundanese language and it is easy to guess that it is a natural waterfall. This ‘curug’ is hidden inside the Dago Hill on the Djuanda Forest City Park. The 12 meters high waterfall surrounded with lavish green environment is really eclectic scenery. Located near the downtown is one great factor why it is so popular. Curug Dago is also a historical site as there are two stone inscriptions dated back from 1811 M stated that two Thailand Kings visited the waterfall.

3. Djuanda Forest City Park
This is the forest in the middle of the city. Djuanda City Park is located surrounding Dago Hill. This forest park is a conservation area dated back since colonial era and up until today it becomes a center of the city.

4. Kampung Gajah
Although it is named Kampung Gajah or Elephant Kampong, you won’t find any elephant at this tourism site. Kampung Gajah is actually an amusement outdoor park. There are so many attractions offered there from horse riding to skyrider and lots more.

5. Trans Studio Bandung
The latest modern amusement park in Bandung built by Trans Group, it is the second of its kind after the first one in Makassar. As world class amusement park, it has many great attractions. You better scheduled full day time to visit Trans Studio.

6. Saung Angklung Udjo
The most trending destination today, Saung Angklung Udjo is the performance and workshop center of Angklung music, the traditional bamboo instrument. There are live performances and workshops offered for visitors there.

7. Ciwalk or Cihampelas Walk
Your visit to Banding won’t be perfect without shopping center and there’s no better place to shop than the legenday Cihampelas Street. Ciwalk is the icon of the street, the home of fashion boutiques and factory outlets as well as several culinary counters.
8. Jalan Dago
Dago is an area in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It covers Jalan H. Juanda (H. Juanda Street) and the surrounding area. The lower (southern) Dago area near Jalan Merdeka is one of the trendy areas of Bandung, with shops, shopping malls, cafes, boutiques, and many restaurants and entertainment centers.

So, if you have a plan to go holiday, Bandung can be your one option to spend your holiday time. Hope this article also can be your guideline if you there. Feel its fresh air, and throw away your bad feelings, and you will feel your body happier than before.

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